Crane hire North Coast

Tadano GT600EX – 2015 Model

Hydraulic truck mount crane. With a 43-meter boom it is the longest in its class.

No need for counterweights, crane operations commence once onsite saving costs and downtime. In addition, the high-performance AML-C secures safe operation.

Maeda MC305 – 2020 Model

For steel erection works inside various buildings and on rooftops, and inaccessible areas where larger cranes aren’t capable.

The slim body width of our Maeda means that access through doorways is an easy job, and works can be carried out indoors or in restricted areas. At construction sites where you would have to block roads to use bigger cranes, mini cranes with their compact body can easily access and reduce costs.

For residential material lifting from inside and outside of residences. Easy access from the edge of cliffs through to courtyards is our mini crane’s specialty, which bigger cranes cannot do.

Haulotte 4017 Telehandler

The extremely versatile 4017 telehandler provides us with the ability to provide all materials handling of delivery’s and unloading. The 17 metre reach capacity is more than adequate and can also be utilised with a jib or bucket attachment.